We offer the best digital and internet advertising getting your business online with massive digital marketing strategies and digital marketing. We also have the best Social Media Marketing packages and Search Engine Optimazation. Have you business show to of google search and get you thousands of likes from facebook, follows on twitter and instagram and view on youtube. We show you how to make money from youtube and all the social media platforms. We help you build your brand on social media and on the internet(online) and strategies to make money from your websites. We are the best in this field and are the number one specialist in digital marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, website and social media monitization and search engine optimization.

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Advertising with Si-On.

Firstly we'd like to thank you for using and viewing the Si-On digital space. The platform offers a digital a variety of digital marketing solutions for your business and/or brands. With a target specific target market we get your products/services to the right people, THE RIGHT AUDIENCE !!!. As a pioneer in this very unique field, our services are sure to connect you to the right audience specifically suited and perfectly aligned with your product and/or service.

vBackground Ad Space

The background Ad space works in a way where your product/service is not just placed on our platform but intergrated into it like it is part of the platform. Here's an example of how the vBackground Ad Space looks like (Click Here To view). The vBackround Ad Space is offered on two pages that have massive traffic and appeal. These are the available pages for the vBackround Ad Space...

    Page One
    Page Two

If there are any more questions you may have regarding the the vBackround Ad Space Package or are interested in in securing it,
* Please Send an E - mail here ads@si-on.co.za
* or alternativly send a message on (066 463 2272 (MESSAGE ONLY)) with your name and type of product you are interested in displaying on the vBackround Ad Space Slot.

Letterboard Banner Ad (on 5 specific pages)

The letterboard banner Ad is only offered on our business pages like the one you are currently on (please scroll up to view) and have two packages and ad plans.

First plan - We run your banner advert on 5 of our pages the include

* Advertisments (Current Page You Are On)
* Event Coverage
* Invest In Si - On
* Digital Marketing
* Events Promotion

The first package runs ONE advert on the 5 separete pages on the top of the page for maximum views.

Second plan - We run your advert on 5 of our pages the include

* Advertisments (Current Page You Are On)
* Event Coverage
* Invest In Si - On
* Digital Marketing
* Events Promotion
The Second package runs the 5 different adverts on the 5 separete pages on the top of the pages.

Single Banner Ad

The single banner ad is a medium where your advert is placed according to it's category on certain pages where it will have maximum impact. There are a number of pages where you can place your adverts on and each page places your advert by it's relevent categories.
Like for example if you want to advertise anything food/bavarage related, this is the best place to run your advert.

Interchanging Multiple Media Ads

Now this is the juggernaut of online adverytising - THE INTERCHANGING MULTIPLE MEDIA ADVERT. This is the one space 5 advert package where you can tell a storyline with your advertisment - Have FIVE adverts but only pay for one ad space.

Here's an example of this package

Digital Billboard Ad Takeover (Full Screen Banner Advertising.)

The last Advertisment package we said was a juggernaut - well this one here is a BEHEMOTH, pun intended. The Digital Billboard Advert, the name says it all. This big baby right here displays your advert on laptops and Desktop devices (Wide Screen Devices Only) FULL SCREEN, yes - you did not read this wrong, FULL SCREEN. It is safe th say that this package right here is the king of digital adverts. This package is only suitable for Wide Screen Devices.

Take a look at the 'Digital Billboard Ad Takeover'
Click Here(Only If You Are Using A laptop or Desktop PC)

Sponsered Content Advertising.

Now this here is a cool new concept that brands will benefit from alot. So what this package entails is that we run a '4 Part Feature' on a certain concept, product or service. The feature will we spear headed by the you advertiser and will feature different articles every week for a month.
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If any of our digital marketing plans peak your interest or that of your businesses, please contact us at

   send email
   cell : 066 463 2272