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Tattoo Review / 05 December 2018 / Noko Ngwepe a.k.a. KING THONA LEE - THE FEMALE KING


"I was born to be an artist. Both of my parents were artists.
My mother was a singer, dancer, presenter and model. My father was a rapper, dancer, presenter and stylist."

I am a walking canvas, a living work of art and all of my tattoos potray me as an artist and a work of art. I have 7 tattoos all of which describe me as an artist.

This one describes me as the female king. It's a lion with a crown, which symbolizes the king part. The lion has a mane made of roses instead of the normal lion one - which shows that it's a female

The microphone symbolizes me as a vocalist and sound engineer. The bottom part is a dancing ballerina. This shows my flexibility as a choreographer and dancer because I specialize in different genres. The last section is the paint that is used to create me, the work of art - The Female King.

The famous gun tattoo on my hand symbolizes my pride as a woman, as a female king. It symbolizes that everthing I touch, whether it's the mic, the sound equipment, when I design or style - anything and everything I do, I kill and mostly, the gun reminds me that I am my own protection , I don't need to depend on anyone to have my back or be there for me. I am my own protection.

All of the artwork on my body were planned months in advance and all of them have a significant meaning. Nothing was done out of negligence.

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